Our VisionHigh-quality public schools for all American children to grow, explore, and learn in.

We are a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation focused on ensuring all American children have equal access to a high-quality public school education. We enable and inspire community-based organizations and public school districts to find new ways to engage students, support their communities, and develop environments where innovation can thrive.

Children Playing
“Tell me and I might forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Our Core FocusEnsure all children have access.

Access means a lot of things. For us it means improving outcomes for public school students by ensuring their access to high-quality and stress-free public learning environments. Environments that prepare them for the challenges they'll face in the future while encouraging them to innovate, create, and grow.

Access to Experiences

that enable children to dream beyond their environments leveraging mentors and advisors who share and engage.

Access to tools & technologies

that make learning more exciting and extend learning beyond the classroom.

Access to resources

that make it easier for their parents to engage and support their educational journey.

Access to a brighter future

which should be available to all children regardless of their wealth or location.

Our ProcessOur goals are lofty. Here’s how we accomplish them.

  • community partnerships

    Community Partnerships

    We don’t reinvent the wheel, we partner with community-based organizations who are focused on providing access to opportunity, innovating in public education, community engagement, or enrichment activities.

  • district engagements

    District Engagements

    We work directly with school districts to extend corporate partnerships/sponsorships and services provided by our community partners in an effort to improve educational outcomes and access to innovation for students.

  • corporate partnerships and sponsorships

    Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships

    We provide measured outcomes that create long-term value for corporations interested in investing in a shared future where all children have access to success. We leverage their support to enable our community partners, and provide support to the school districts we partner with.

  • consistent and measurable outcomes

    Consistent & Measurable Outcomes

    We provide outcome management and leadership for our community partners which ensures actionable insights that school districts can use to further innovate, and real outcomes that corporations can use to enhance their corporate social responsibilty (CSR) programs.

Our ImpactA National Effort. Locally Focused.


Public School Students in our Operating Area

We operate in PA, NJ, NY, DE, and OR currently with plans to expand our network in 2020!


Enrolled Students in Partner Districts

We align closely with P.S. Districts to provide programs and support across our core focus areas.


Disengaged Students we aim to reach

Our idea behind the importance of access is tied to this metric. Engaged kids are educated kids.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

The Foundation is always looking for community-based philanthropic partners and public school districts operating in the states of PA, NJ, NY, DE, or OR. To learn more about how to apply, including requirements and eligibility, click the link below.

Our AskJoin us by supporting public school innovation.

We receive support from individuals, corporations, other foundations, and government grants. You can help us meet our mission by providing tax-deductible direct support for our organization using our secure gateway which uses banking-grade security to ensure your privacy.