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A 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation focused on ensuring all American children have equal access to a high-quality public school education devoid of for-profit reformation schemes. We are dedicated to changing the narrative on American public education by supporting community organizations that promote education, bringing an end to standardized testing, and promoting the importance of community-based public schooling.

Who we support and work with:


Parents & Children

We support our parent's efforts to ensure access to a quality public school education for their children. Join one of our parent-oriented programs or learn more about how you can take part. »


Business Leaders

Business leaders are in a unique position to help the foundation execute on its mission to provide programs and solutions that fund tomorrow's innovation centers. Learn more about how you can help. »


Public Educators

We support our American Public School educators in their quest to create high-quality schools that are all about innovation and not profits. Learn more. »


Our core belief: it is our responsibility as a nation to ensure that knowledge, the true American currency, is passed down to the next generation to ensure their ability to lead our country into a future where we can continue to compete and succeed globally. Tomorrow’s next great innovator may come from the inner city or a farm in the heartland. Both deserve equal access to a public school education that provides them every opportunity to learn, play, imagine, and grow. Their potential should not be limited by their zip code, tax bracket, or selection in a charter school lottery.

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We are a solutions-based organization working to solve key issues in our education infrastructure by providing support to community-based organizations and managing a number of key programs and initiatives aimed at protecting innovation, our public schools, and the children who need them.

We are Innovating to change the narrative on Public Education:

We affirm that our schools are not getting the support they need to flourish. We know our teachers are not getting the support they need to inspire our children to innovate. We are seeing the negative effects of a toxic testing culture, and are determined to disrupt what has the for-profit infrastructure around education often labeled as “education reform.” This damage to our public educational system is having an impact on the availability of access to the education all children deserve. We are confident that this loss of innovation will have a detrimental effect on our long-term national security.

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Programs & Impact

As a public foundation, we provide support to community-based non-profit organizations who are focused on public education, ensuring access, engaging communities, influencing change, or innovating how public schools work.
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Introducing: NalaNET

Our National Labs Network initiative aims to create a system of cooperative university labs positioned to assist American companies with their R&D needs while helping university students gain real-world experiences. Our idea of philanthrocapitalism.

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In their words: edu|FOCUS Blog

Read opinions, articles, and insights from educators and parents in our edu|FOCUS blog. We are providing a platform for stakeholders in our public education system to share their experiences and help change the narrative that our schools are beyond hope.

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Contribute your expertise and experience as a Fellow, your time as a Volunteer, your voice as a Member or Leader of a Pod, or your money as a Sponsor of the Organization or one of its key programs. Together, we can ensure every child has access to a quality public school education in an environment focused on helping children achieve and innovate, not leveraging tax dollars for for-profit interests. Together we can engage communities, educate citizens and lawmakers, and end the long-running scam that is corporatized education reform.

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