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Meet our team of “doers”

Our Board is determined to disrupt the for-profit education machine, Protect American Innovation, and fight for our public schools.

We are comprised of a group of parents and educators, who come from diverse backgrounds and are as focused as we are on developing solutions to move our education system forward in a positive and meaningful way. They are responsible for providing oversight and mentorship to the Foundation’s executive team and interface with our advisory board to develop relevant and effective philanthropic programs. These aren’t people who complain about the issues, they work daily to find solutions to them.

The Foundation is looking for educators, professionals, and parents interested in actively working with us to protect public schools and American Innovation. If you think you’ve got what it takes, click the button to learn more.

Operational Leaders

Just a team of normal folks who want to make a difference…

The Franklin Foundation’s leadership team is responsible for the day-to-day management and operational guidance of the organization. Committed to the Foundation’s growth and success of its mission, the executive leadership team is charged with ensuring the development, execution, and management of the foundation’s programs and services. Staff leaders support the works of the executive team, ensuring that the organization’s work is measurable, relevant, and effective.

Want to join our team and be an agent of change? Visit our careers & volunteering page for more info!