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Franklin Community Partners are:

The Franklin Foundation works with community-based non-profits who are focused on one or more of our key areas of focus. We provide support and operational guidance to these organizations, helping to focus their efforts and improve their efficacy. More importantly, we enable American businesses, who sponsor these types of efforts, to have a greater national impact while supporting organizations in their own communities. With thousands of non-profit education organizations out there, we are facilitating new pathways for collaboration helping everyone work toward a single set of goals which aim to ultimately improve the access, effectiveness, and availability of quality public education infrastructures for our nation’s 5.9 million students.

Who we partner with...

The foundation chooses partners who are local to a community we serve, providing services that are vital to that community’s long-term success, are aligned with one or more of our 4 key areas of focus and can demonstrate solid fiscal and operational management.


Direct Support Orgs. (DSO)

DSOs provide direct support to school districts, students, and families in their community with the aim of engaging communities and improving educational outcomes.

STEM Incubator Orgs. (SIO)

STEM Incubators are organizations providing labs, maker spaces, and STEM opportunities to individuals in their community as a supportive service to a public school district, innovating public education while driving student interest in STEM disciplines.

Access Creator Orgs (ACO)

ACOs fit our definition of Philanthrocapitalism – creating experiences for kids in STEM disciplines while enabling real benefits for public companies. These organizations provide unique access to opportunity by giving students real-world experiences and additional education.

Community Innovator Orgs (CIO)

CIOs influence change by enabling community networks with a focus on placing public education at the forefront of the community. These organizations improve interest both from community leaders and constituents to strengthen and protect public school infrastructures.

About these profiles:

Recognizing that all community-based non-profit organizations are different, the Foundation has created these profiles aligned with our 4 key areas of focus to ensure we partner with organizations working toward our overall mission of protecting our public schools by improving access, innovating approaches, engaging communities, and influencing positive change.

We fund outcomes that drive lasting change.

Our models for providing funding are as innovative as our organization itself. We focus on helping community-based organizations find their success as part of a joint effort to protect and strengthen our national public education infrastructure.

Restricted Grants

Funds specific programs or activities your organization provides.

The Foundation helps community organizations fund their projects and initiatives aligned with our mission. We give restricted grants for a specific purpose to eligible partners on an annual basis. Grants allow partner organizations to operate programs aligned with one of our 4 key areas of focus in their community. Outcomes for all restricted grants are measured quarterly unless otherwise stipulated.


Helping students and teacher achieve without the burden of debt.

The Foundation provides scholarships to targeted student and educator populations served by our community partners. These include partial and full scholarship opportunities with an aim of seeing more students succeed in STEM disciplines, and more teachers obtain advanced degrees without being saddled by debt.

Program-Related Investments (PRI)

Providing investments to social enterprises focused to STEM efforts.

The Foundation provides PRIs to social enterprises focused on STEM efforts who join us as partners. These are usually SIOs (STEM Incubator Organizations). We offer low-interest loans to help social enterprises get off the ground and serve their communities.

Program Sponsoring

Provides supplies, apparatus, tools, and technology for partners who provide community experiences.

The Foundation helps community partners get access to the technologies and tools they need to achieve their mission by aligning them with national organizations who are sponsors of the foundation. The Foundation will either purchase, at a significant discount, items for the partner organization and then give those things as a grant or align the partner with a committed sponsor who will donate support.

Conduit Funding

For smaller community start-up non-profit organizations.

The Foundation helps smaller community-based start-up non-profit organizations gain access to the funding they need for operations or to gain 501(c)(3) status. These micro grants aim to help important community organizations get off the ground and establish themselves as cornerstones of their community.

Strong Partnerships enable effective philanthropy.

That is our belief and defines our approach. Community Partners are not pet-projects of the Foundation. They represent a significant part of our mission and the ability for us to drive national change in protecting and strengthening our public school infrastructures. We only partner with strategic and innovative organizations with strong leadership, governance, and impact plans.


We are only interested in partners – organizations looking for an institutional donor are not a good fit. For us, the word partnership means precise alignment in mission and goals. These partnerships are long-term, will involve significant mutual investment, and will require solid planning and outcomes management throughout.


Ours is a 30-year mission, so we are looking for partners capable of having decades of impact on their communities; creating new realities where public schools become the backbone of the community, students are supported, teachers are respected, and legislators are informed.

Ways to Partner with Us

  1. By Invitation

    The Foundation’s Grantmaking team actively seeks potential partners in the PA, NJ, NY, and DE region. Organizations meeting our criteria will be invited to submit a proposal for partnership.
  2. Via Submission Call

    The Foundation has 2 submission calls in June and October of every year. These occur before the board of directors takes their summer and fall recesses. Interested organizations should submit an interest packet to the foundation no earlier than the 1st day of June or October in the calendar year, and no later than the last working day of June or October. Packets submitted outside of the open call will not be reviewed. (Submit an interest packet)
  3. Via Partner Referral

    Corporate and Community Partners can refer an organization to become a partner of the Foundation. Referred organizations should indicate the partner who referred them to the organization along with a letter of referral from the referrer.

Learn more about our core beliefs

The Franklin Foundation operates on a set of core beliefs that drive our mission and inspire us to tackle one of our nation’s most important and complex social issues.

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Learn more about our impact and programs

The Franklin Foundation, in addition to working with community partners, oversees a group of key programs created to further our overall mission and assist community partners in delivering lasting change to their communities.

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Meet our “Doers”

Meet the people who do instead of talk; leaders who are working every day to protect American Innovation and our public school infrastructure. Our men and women are passionate dreamers for whom both innovation and public schools were integral to getting them to where they are today.

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Connect with Us

Meet our Community Partners.

We are currently working to grow our community partners to include innovative education non-profits all over the country. Organizations focused on public education and improving outcomes through mission-driven services that meet one or more of our 4 keys areas of focus are of interest. If you are such a program you should contact us today! Expect this list to grow constantly.

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