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American Industry needs to compete globally...

So where will you get them from ten years from now? Many companies in many industries find themselves importing talent from countries where STEM fields are the focal point of education. The Franklin Foundation is working to ensure the development of a deep talent pool of innovative problem-solvers forged from our public school infrastructures.


Public education is the best chance that young boy in the inner city or coal miner’s daughter from a small town have to develop the skills necessary to tackle tomorrow’s greatest problems and contribute to our increasingly complex workforce. By supporting our organization’s national efforts, Corporate Sponsors help us inch closer to the long term goal: A public school infrastructure that is community-based, innovation-focused, and fully-supported.


As an American corporation relying on a healthy American workforce to compete in this global marketplace, this is the chance to make your mark.

Why Sponsors are so Critical

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation receives the majority of its funding from corporate sponsors. Their support is critical to ensuring we can help the thousands of community-based organizations out there working to a common mission.

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A Different Approach

By providing grants to community-based organizations, we provide corporate sponsors with a significant reach within their community, without having to worry about using internal resources to ensure meaningful outcomes; creating more philanthropic value than self-managed programs.

The quickest way to ensure the development of a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is good outcome management. The Franklin Foundation provides sponsors with data and metrics that prove the effectiveness of every dollar. We are outcomes and impacts focused.

Improve CSR Velocity

Several options to fit goals

We understand corporate sponsors have different needs. The solutions we offer allows companies to sponsor our organization and its mission in the most efficient way possible. Sponsors become partners of the Foundation, a critical component to our ability to have the national impact necessary to protect and strengthen America’s public school infrastructure.

With a focus specifically on public education here at home, we focus on the national public education infrastructure and how strengthening and protecting it ultimately protects our long-term national security and American Innovation. Similar to the United Way, we fund community-based NPOs to focus efforts while providing companies with a single point of philanthropic management.

The United Way of Education

Why Giving is so Critical

Your customers, shareholders, suppliers, and employees all want to know that you care about the community where we all live. Education is key to ensuring tomorrow’s generation is more successful than the last. Sponsoring The Franklin Foundation’s efforts can assist in ensuring a brighter tomorrow for public school children in your community.

Philanthropic Solutions for Corporate Sponsors

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    Employee Engagement Programs

    The Franklin Foundation helps organizations large and small create instant traction around CSR strategies. Volunteer efforts provide a local impact on a large scale while giving opportunities allow employees to support critical community programs and initiatives.

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    Cause Marketing

    The Franklin Foundation works with organizations on national and regional cause-marketing programs. Our relationships are customized to create a mutually successful and effective partnership. Our Philanthropic Marketing team helps drive consumer engagement while creating memorable campaigns that create substantial change and education awareness.

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    Co-Operative Sponsorship

    Manufacturers and suppliers can sponsor school districts and schools locally, regionally, or nationally to ensure students have access to scientific apparatus, materials, learning aids, and specialized equipment to make learning fun and compel students to accel in STEM fields.

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    Community Investment

    For organizations with specific philanthropic targets, The Franklin Foundation offers restricted sponsorship opportunities that can be applied to specific regions, demographics, or one of our key areas of focus.

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    Scholarship Management

    The Franklin Foundation’s scholarship programs are amongst the most rigorous in the nation. We help companies find the right candidates for selection and ensure success throughout the student’s academic lifecycle. Named scholarships enable companies to develop a lasting legacy without the burden of internal management.

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    Event Sponsorship

    Companies of all sizes can sponsor annual events, scholarship ceremonies, regional events, races, and special events at various levels of support to fit their philanthropic budgets. These events bring communities and companies together in a way that creates lasting brand recognition while providing significant support to community-based organizations.

We drive focused outcomes across multiple communities.

The Franklin Foundation uses several funding models to ensure that (a) the community partners we fund are focused on one of our 4 keys areas, (b) funding is applied to efficient and effective community-based projects, and (c) organizations and their efforts can receive consistent program and project-based funding that helps them create lasting and sustainable change. This enables our corporate partners to maximize their philanthropic investments, and access several series of outcomes, improving CSR velocity while decreasing the number of resources needed to implement and monitor philanthropic programs.

Restricted Grants

Funds specific programs or activities your organization provides.

The Foundation helps community organizations fund their projects and initiatives aligned with our mission. We give restricted grants for a specific purpose to eligible partners on an annual basis. Grants allow partner organizations to operate programs aligned with one of our 4 key areas of focus in their community. Outcomes for all restricted grants are measured quarterly unless otherwise stipulated.


Helping students and teacher achieve without the burden of debt.

The Foundation provides scholarships to targeted student and educator populations served by our community partners. These include partial and full scholarship opportunities with an aim of seeing more students succeed in STEM disciplines, and more teachers obtain advanced degrees without being saddled by debt.

Program-Related Investments (PRI)

Providing investments to social enterprises focused to STEM efforts.

The Foundation provides PRIs to social enterprises focused on STEM efforts who join us as partners. These are usually SIOs (STEM Incubator Organizations). We offer low-interest loans to help social enterprises get off the ground and serve their communities.

Program Sponsoring

Provides supplies, apparatus, tools, and technology for partners who provide community experiences.

The Foundation helps community partners get access to the technologies and tools they need to achieve their mission by aligning them with national organizations who are sponsors of the foundation. The Foundation will either purchase, at a significant discount, items for the partner organization and then give those things as a grant or align the partner with a committed sponsor who will donate support.

Conduit Funding

For smaller community start-up non-profit organizations.

The Foundation helps smaller community-based start-up non-profit organizations gain access to the funding they need for operations or to gain 501(c)(3) status. These micro grants aim to help important community organizations get off the ground and establish themselves as cornerstones of their community.

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