Key Programs

Franklin Key Programs.

Focused on broad impacts, The Franklin Foundation works with community-based organizations to enable delivery of services to the communities we serve. We also operate a limited number of Foundation Programs aimed at creating consistent nationwide impact.

BrightStart Parent's Challenge

Our hallmark program helps parents keep pace with their child's education to enhance positive outcomes. Learn More.

Women in Technology/Science

Our WiSci and WiTech programs aim to increase interest in the sciences and technology for our young women.

National Labs Network (NalaNET)

Our National Labs initiative helps companies meet R&D challenges while helping university students learn and innovate.

Franklin Scholars

The Scholars program gives more than just a scholarship to students, it gives guidance, support, and tools to improve outcomes.

The Franklin Experience

Our signature program combines the real-world expertise of practitioners in STEM disciplines with interested students to create access to opportunity.

Franklin EduGrants

EduGrants help passionate teachers grow their skill set without growing their debt. Teachers deserve support, we support them.

Franklin Fellows

Franklin Fellows are in-place educators who use real-world experience, rather than research at a desk, to help us shape education policy nationally.

The Franklin Advisors

Franklin Advisors are practitioner mentors who share their experiences and their path with students interested in their chosen fields.