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Your experiences can fuel their dream.
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Shared experiences allow young people to challenge their own reality. Our Advisor program is all about sharing real-world experiences so our kids can challenge what’s possible.

Program Mission Statement:

The best dreams are backed by experiences that expand one’s reality. The Franklin Advisor program places practitioners in front of students who show aptitude in their field, to help develop and encourage students to take the steps necessary to join their chosen field.

What Franklin Advisors Share

Career Experience

Share your career experience with children who otherwise may never have had exposure to your field. The details of your day-to-day, what it took to reach the level you have reached, what your aspirations are, why you love what you do.

Educational Experience

Share your collegiate experience with children who need positive experiences to build on as they venture away from the neighborhoods and cultures they’ve been exposed to their entire lives. Your educational experiences can help make the idea of attending university real for children who otherwise thought the endeavor impossible.

Life Experience

Share your life experiences with children who can benefit from gaining insight into lifestyles outside the ones they’ve directly experienced. Diversity of thought and innovation come from understanding – you can help children gain an understanding of how a career in STEM disciplines can enhance their lives in the long-run which will encourage them to build toward a successful career.


Spend an hour with a small group of children interested in learning more about your career once a week for 6 weeks per session. Your investment of time is their first investment in their future career. We will help you with format, topics, and coordinate outcomes between you, the student’s teachers, and their parents.

The Franklin Foundation’s Advisor program is designed for in-career professionals in scientific, mathematical, technological, or engineering disciplines who are interested in sharing their experiences to create opportunities for access to American public school children interested in their field. Advisors leverage the art of storytelling and sharing to create unique experiences that encourage students of all ages to dream and imagine themselves in a career instead of a just a job. Access to opportunity is created by exposing children to fields of study they might not otherwise have received exposure to in the course of their everyday lives. Advisors are also positioned to interact with parents from the BrightStart Challenge program, creating connective tissue between the child’s career aspirations, and ways the parent can help encourage and improve their child’s access to a brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the qualifications?

Franklin Advisors are professionals with at least 6 years of experience in their field. While we look specifically for those from scientific, technical, mathematical, engineering, and educational backgrounds, we are always receptive to having Advisors join our team from other fields. We generally ask that your employer agrees to and supports your membership in the program. Universal background checks will be required.

Are Franklin Advisors paid for their service?

This is a volunteerism program, therefore we do not pay a stipend or honorarium for service. Advisors are recognized annually for their contributions through service awards.

Advisors vs. Franklin Experience

Franklin Advisors work with small groups of students to provide direct mentorship and counseling in areas where students have shown very specific interest. They also assist with career-focused talks and sessions aimed at orienting students to a particular STEM-based field. Mentors in the Experience program bring groups of students into their own work setting to provide real-world experience and exposure. A Franklin Advisor can also participate in the Franklin Experience program and vice versa.

How much time will this take out of my schedule?

Advisors will spend an hour per week with groups of 4 or fewer students interested in their career field over a 6 week period called The Franklin Experience. Outcomes are closely managed to ensure an impactful experience for the students as well as a rewarding experience for the advisors. Time spent with their group can happen on-campus, or in the office or workplace of the advisor (please contact us for limitations). Advisors may participate in as many Franklin Experience pods as they have time for, with each pod occurring over a 6 week period in the Spring, Winter, and Fall corresponding with academic schedules.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Reach out to express your interest using the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Through further mutual interest we will run all necessary checks and position you with a Franklin Experience Leader who will help develop your outcomes and pair you with interested students.

Step 3: Work with assigned students in the school district you either live in or work in.

Step 4: Feel good every day.

Teachers: Bring a Franklin Advisor into your district/school


Franklin Advisors bring real-world experience to your classrooms through the time-tested art of storytelling. By presenting your students with experience from professionals in advanced and often unheard-of fields, you can help The Franklin Foundation in its mission to change outcomes for our students by presenting them with new realities that challenge what they know from their own environments. Career days, seminars, discussion groups, and classroom talks are all possible with our Advisors. We handle scheduling and materials and can help bolster career readiness curriculum in your school district. If you are interested, simply connect with us for more details.

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Our Process:

The Franklin Foundation uses a special vetting process to select Franklin Advisors. Advisors are mentors who are practitioners in their field, willing to share their experiences and knowledge with small groups of interested students. Candidates will be interviewed by members of our board and/or Foundation Advisory committees, will be subject to background and criminal checks, and will be asked to make a single year commitment at a minimum.

Getting Started:

Interested candidates should sign up using our volunteer form. Upon receiving your information someone from our Advisor program will contact you regarding qualification steps and the interview process.

If being a Franklin Advisor isn’t right for you, there are many other ways you can help The Franklin Foundation achieve its mission. We thank you for your interest.