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Creating interest and providing access through immersion.
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The Franklin Experience connects tomorrow’s innovators

with today’s practitioners.

Program Mission Statement:

Children are true dreamers, and we harness that natural drive to “be” and turn it into a desire to “do.” The Franklin Experience program was created to take mentorship to a whole new level, connecting practitioners with dreams to turn dreamers into next-generation professionals.


Practitioners as Mentors

Practitioners in STEM fields serve as mentors in their communities to small groups of children enrolled in the Franklin Experience program allowing children to walk in the footsteps of people in the field. Practitioners provide at least 2 hours of mentoring per month per school year, and summer mentoring options are also available.

Students take the Lead

Enrollees in the Franklin Experience program take the lead on developing long-range plans to help them reach their goals. These plans will include university or technical school selection, internship ideas in their local area, and other items that will ensure they reach the career level they’re looking for. Experience Mentors help students define and refine their plans.

Teachers & Parents Collaborate

The activities and results of a child’s enrollment in the Franklin Experience program are shared with both teachers and parents to ensure full collaboration around goals. Where available, guidance counselors are also engaged. We do this to provide support to help the child build the future they want after learning and sharing in the experience of someone in the role.

Our Process:

Mentors of the Franklin Experience program undergo a formal vetting process which includes a background check. Mentors must receive permission from their employer to have students on-site. Program coordinators will work with mentors to develop learning outcomes and coordinate with teachers, parents, and guidance counselors where available.


Students who enroll in The Franklin Experience program are students grades 8 through 12 and have shown academic promise. These students are interested in learning more about a field, or have had zero exposure and are looking to gain more in-depth knowledge about what it takes to achieve a career in a particular field of study. Students are matched with mentors and are responsible for developing long-range plans to help them achieve their career goal. Students who successfully complete the experience program are given preferred access to the Franklin Scholars program.

Getting Started:


Interested mentors should sign up using our volunteer form.


Students interested in enrolling in The Franklin Experience should have their parents use our general contact form to get the process started.


Upon receiving your information you will receive a formal application as a mentor or an application to be shared with your school as a student. Additional information and instructions will accompany these electronically-distributed documents.