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Franklin Scholars are more than just scholarship recipients.

Program Mission Statement:

The Franklin Scholars Program will ensure as many children as possible reach their dreams by making post-secondary education affordable and attainable. More than a scholarship program, this program ensures scholars have the emotional, academic, and social tools necessary to thrive in what will be a foreign environment for the majority of scholars.


STEM or Education-Focused

Franklin Scholars represent the most innovative and driven individuals in their generation working toward obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree in the sciences, mathematics, technology, engineering, or education fields. Scholars are public school students, are at least 16 years of age, and maintain a solid GPA and attendance record.

Become part of a Network

Franklin Scholars become part of a network that provides support from the time they enter college to the time they graduate. We do not just provide scholarships and move on. By providing support throughout the various stages of post-secondary education, we help minimize drop-outs, improve learning outcomes, and ensure success for our scholars.

Scholars Become Ambassadors

Franklin Scholars become ambassadors of public education and help other children comprehend and imagine the opportunities available to them no matter where they come from or what they have. Scholars spend at least 2 years serving the Foundation’s communities to help other gain access to an education beyond public school.

Our focus is on impacts.

As an organization, we are focused on impacts. Franklin Scholars not only receive a solid education, but they utilize their newfound talents to guide, mentor and, aid others in their communities. Franklin Scholars are committed to ensuring the protection and success of our public schools and work tirelessly to ensure those who come after them will have as much access to opportunity as they had.

Our Process:

Applying for scholarships is a formal process at The Franklin Foundation. Scholarships are managed by the Foundation’s Grants & Selections Committee which meets annually to discuss scholarship applications and to invite selected applicants to proceed into the interview round. The Foundation offers both program and partner scholarships, with the latter being funded specifically by a private or public donor. Candidates are only selected by the foundation following a recommendation or nomination by a public school educator. Once a candidate has been chosen to move into the interview round, they will be notified by phone and/or email. The educator who nominated the candidate will also be notified of their candidate’s section to move forward.


Scholarships are awarded in August by the committee. The committee will notify award winners and their nominators by traditional mail by the 2nd Friday of August. Educators may submit nominations no earlier than April 15 and no later than June 1 (or first weekday if those dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday). Deadlines are never extended.

Step One

Get Nominated

Public school educators can nominate a high school senior or current college student planning to attend graduate school. Your teacher is your sponsor whose assessment of your academic qualities will be used to determine your readiness to be a Franklin Scholar. Nominations should include a letter from the educator and four (4) years of both academic and attendance information from the district.


The selection committee will then choose students deemed most qualified to fill both Foundation Program and Sponsored/Named Scholarship opportunities. The number of candidates will depend on the amount of available funding for each opportunity. Once selected to move on you will be issued a candidate number – a unique number that will be assigned to you and only you will know.


Candidates may only be nominated once for undergraduate scholarships, and once for graduate opportunities. Multiple nominations or nominations from many teachers will automatically disqualify you. If selected as a finalist but was not chosen to receive a scholarship, you will automatically be invited to re-apply for the next year.

Step Two

We will get to know you better.

Those selected to move to the interview round will be interviewed via Skype or Phone Conference (local candidates may also choose to meet in-office). Our panel will have pre-selected questions to ask and may also ask other questions to learn more about you as an individual. Besides academics, we want to understand your goals and ambitions and gain insights about your community and family. Ours will be a long-term partnership where we will support your goals and give you to the tools necessary to succeed as you transition out of your community into a learning environment.


You should have a few ideas on what you’ll need to be fruitful and should be prepared to be candid about it. Being honest with yourself about your capabilities is key to being successful. We aim to help scholars achieve their educational goals in their first four (4) years (or in 2 years as a graduate learner). We work with a network of tutors, counselors, guides, and professionals to help ensure you meet your goals.


Your intentions are crucial to your success. If you just need money to help get through school, this is not the scholarship for you. If you are looking to join a network of support to ensure that you excel in university as a stepping stone to a career in the sciences, mathematics, technology, engineering, or education, then becoming a Franklin Scholar is a good move.

Step Three

Partner with us in your success.

If awarded a scholarship following the interview process you will be notified accordingly. The Franklin Foundation’s Program scholarships are full 4-year academic scholarships which cover the cost of tuition, books, fees and provide a stipend for room and board. Named or Sponsored Scholarships generally have their own conditions but provide tuition costs and fees at a minimum. Those selected as finalists but did not receive an award are immediately invited to apply the following scholarship year.


Once granted, we will work with your school of choice to set up your financial package and ensure that you have the support structure you’ll need to be successful. The Foundation will continue to monitor your progress, and provide you with tools and resources to help when necessary. Scholarship winners (excluding teachers) are automatically eligible to participate in NalaNET projects at their school provided they are a participating university. (A list of participating schools will be published soon.)


Expect us to check in with you monthly on your progress. We will have access to your professors, records, and will be there to provide guidance and support every step of the way. A Franklin Scholar is a partner of ours, who we work closely with to ensure healthy outcomes for their futures. Scholars become leaders in their communities, changing the outcomes for others in their community; creating a stronger America overall.

The Foundation is not currently accepting scholarship nominations. Please check back in 2018. Thank you for your interest.