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The realization of the potential of philanthrocapitalism.
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The Franklin Foundation’s National Labs Network represents a return to the time when Universities were at the center of American innovation.

Program Mission Statement:

The NalaNET program is positioned to enable University-led research and development activities for American corporations that lead to innovations. Corporations use philanthropy to enable research, while Universities offer education and experience to future innovators. This program represents the true meaning of philanthrocapitalism.

What is the National Labs Network Program?


Our nation’s greatest potential for innovation and growth comes out of our universities, colleges, and technical schools. Our nation’s most prolific users of American innovations are the corporations that drive our economy. The Franklin Foundation’s NalaNET program puts these two together in an innovative way through the concept of philanthrocapitalism.


Put simply; corporations leverage our NalaNET for their internal research and development initiatives while providing financial support to the Foundation leveraged for social good. This support is used to fund efforts around our four key areas of focus, or through scholarship and grant opportunities to help others gain access to the knowledge they need to become tomorrow’s innovators or innovative corporations. Partner Universities and technical schools receive grants to enable them to educate their STEM students better, and organizations gain access to a more diverse and prepared pool of talent.

NalaNET science

The DNA of NalaNET:


Efficient & Effective Philanthrocapitalism

Philanthrocapitalism is our concept for turning philanthropic dollars into technologies and research that can help American corporations maintain their competitive edge globally.   Today, American companies spend billions on research and development; a portion of which is performed overseas where labor and technology are less expensive. Through the NalaNET initiative, American corporations can leverage the student talent pool to solve tomorrow’s most pressing issues all while providing funding for advanced educations and facilities for American universities.

A Solid Educational Framework

This initiative matches America’s brightest students to America’s top colleges and universities in scientific, mathematical, and technological disciplines paving the way for advanced research and development projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels.   Scholarship programs enable eligible students to afford an advanced education. NalaNET helps Franklin Scholars develop their careers through real-world work experience derived from the projects and research they perform while in school. Mentorship programs and supports help students develop the tools they need to complete their degrees in four years.

Advancing American Innovation

At The Franklin Foundation, we believe that innovation is about more than just developing something new. Innovation is about networking. Innovation is about collaboration. Innovation is about taking an idea from concept to conclusion while remembering the need to evolve it over time. Innovation is about the right people, in the right roles, with the right support, creating the right critical works. Our focus on developing a national network of laboratories is to fuel American innovation through educational foundations that are supported by philanthropic resources.

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