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Today’s parents often find themselves behind the curve when helping their child meet their academic potential. This program was started for those parents.

Program Mission Statement:

This program’s mission is to dramatically improve the ability for parents to extend learning from the classroom into the living room. By presenting active parents with the tools they need to expand on what their kids are learning at school, we have a unique opportunity to improve outcomes for children.

What is the BrightStart Parent’s Challenge?

  • 8 Weeks

    8 weeks of training and collaboration with parents and educators in your child’s grade level in public schools.

  • Digital Platform

    Leverage our online platform to connect with content, videos, and tools to aid you in participating fully in your child’s public school education.

  • Open Collaboration

    Including access to real stories and examples from parents who’ve been where you are now and have ideas on how to enhance your child’s learning experience.

  • State-Relevant

    The Parent’s Challenge is set up by state, so parents can learn first-hand about the requirements and curriculum affecting their child’s public school education, and participate in helping their child succeed.

  • 100% Free

    The BrightStart Parent’s Challenge is funded by sponsors and supporters who believe in Public Education and supporting parents who take the initiative to improve their child’s educational outcomes. By the way: Children of BrightStart Parents are 5x’s more likely to get a scholarship from the foundation.

Expected Outcomes

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    Where your child is in their development.

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    Your child with learning at their stage.

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    New friends and collaborate with other parents and teachers.

Who is a BrightStart Parent?

BrightStart Parents are individuals looking to improve their children’s educational outcomes. They want to collaborate with other parents in their communities and states to track their kid’s progress from grade to grade. They are also interested in working with educators who teach the same grade level for advice and ideas to help their children succeed in their public school environments.

Why do we even need this program?

Founded by a parent, The Franklin Foundation realizes that parents need as much help as they can get to navigate a public school education made more confusing by standards like common core and toxic testing. There’s no manual for parenting so support can go a long way toward increasing probabilities for success. That’s why we started this program.

Where do I sign up?

We haven’t started the challenge yet for 2018. However, parents are encouraged to sign up using our contact us page. When a challenge starts in your area for your child’s development group, we will notify you. Because we offer our course virtually, there’s no limit to how many people can sign up in a given area. The best part of all, signing up is always free.