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We know how tough this job can be. Parenting is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days per year job that never ends. It becomes easier when your children grow up, provided they get a sound education that provides them with the fundamentals for success. We are working to ensure that your kids have well-funded and supported public schools to attend so they can grow to become tomorrow’s leaders capable of taking care of you when the time comes.

We get it…Being a Parent today is tough.

Children today are inundated by stimuli. Television, social media, music, fashion, videos, etc. Today’s children are having an increasingly difficult time getting serious about school, and things like standardized testing and common core are not making that any easier. We support today’s parents by providing some tools to make keeping up with your child’s education a little easier, and we also provide platforms for parents to be heard and seen by those in a position to change the way public schools are funded and managed.

Extending the Classroom to the Living Room?

One of the things we push for is classroom extension to build lifelong learners. Children who are immersed in opportunities to learn will learn more and push harder to improve their skillsets. As a parent, programs like BrightStart will help you build a toolset that enables classroom extension. But even if you aren’t a member of our program, there are things you can do today:


Travel Abroad

Luckily for us these days, traveling abroad doesn’t require you to leave your living room. Using your computer, take a virtual trip to different countries and explore other parts of the world using tools like Google Earth, National Geographic, or The library is always a great place to go to explore and the time spent can change how your child feels about school.


Integrate Science & Math into Everything

Even the littlest things count – turning on a light switch is a lesson in physics, how electrons are always flowing in one direction, and the light switch stops the flow until the switch is turned on, allowing the electrons to excite the filament, thus making light and heat. These simple explanations for everyday things can help kids understand how science and math are all around them. Once they grasp how immersed in science and math they already are in daily life, they’ll begin to fear those subjects less.


Turn your Kitchen into a Science Lab

Thanks to the power of YouTube every household experiment under the sun can be viewed and replicated to help get your child more into science. The important thing here is diving into “why” vinegar reacts with baking soda the way it does or what makes water with Salt in it take longer to freeze than plain water. Helping your child question and think critically puts them one step closer to becoming an innovator of tomorrow.


“Play” School

Sometimes, simply “playing” school at home can make your child focus more while at school, and work harder so they can come back and “teach” you. This can be a powerful tool for younger children because it helps them realize how much they can retain and makes them realize how critical paying attention in class can be. For older kids, playing school can be as simple as asking what your child learned that day, then asking questions about the topic to get them to give some depth and think critically about what they learned.

Resources for Parents & Children

The resources for parents that we’ve developed and extend from partners are aimed at helping your children get the education they have a right to – an education where successful outcomes and independent thinkers are the primary goals. Check back often, these resources will grow.


BrightStart Parent's Challenge

Gain an edge on meeting those educational goals for your kids.

Become a BrightStart Parent

This program focuses on providing parents with the tools they need to develop their kids into successful, life-long learners.


The WiSci & WiTech Projects

Help your daughter become the next Astrophysicist or Cyber Security Engineer.

Do Science & Technology #LikeAGirl

This program aims to help encourage our girls to pursue careers in the high sciences, technology, engineering, and math.


Franklin Scholarships

For undergrad and graduate students.

Franklin Scholarships

For undergrad or graduate students, we offer scholarships to help make the dream of a brighter future, a reality.

Resources from our Partners


Opt Out Resources for Parents

We encourage parents to opt-out of standardized testing.

Opt out of Toxic Tests

Partnering with FairTest you can find resources to help you protect your children from toxic tests that are replacing learning with memorization.


The Parent Toolkit by NBC News

Access key resources from one of the best parent toolkits on the web.

Access the Parent Toolkit

In partnership with NBC News, we're proud to bring you direct access to one of the best sources on the NET for parents of school-age children. External Link



An awesome resource for parents looking to help their kids get into Science & Math.

Visit SparkFun

You'll find tutorials, education resources, videos, and there is also a blog and an online store where you can buy components and tools to become a ``maker``. External Link


PBS Kids

You will be hard-pressed to find a better online resource for parents of school-age kids to help them learn and grow.

PBS Kids

PBS remains one of the best resources for public education. Visit the PBS Kids website for fun and educational games and tools you can experience with your child. External Link