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The Franklin Foundation’s efforts support American businesses. Ensuring the availability of an educated workforce should be a priority for any business looking to compete in the ever-expanding global market. Other countries are making investments in their public education system that we are not. The Franklin Foundation is working to create a system that supports public education and results in developing a highly skilled and innovative American workforce. But we need your help.

American capitalism's best ally is a strong education infrastructure. Public schools provide the vast majority of education to our population and need to be protected from those who believe education should be a privilege rather than a right. Our fight to protect our public school infrastructure is a struggle to ensure the availability of future generations of natural innovators, who challenge the status-quo and produce groundbreaking products and services that move our nation forward. By joining us in this fight, your organization is taking the lead and standing up for the infrastructure that educated the vast majority of us.

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The Franklin Foundation for Innovation

How Franklin helps American Business.

The Franklin Foundation is reinventing the idea of philanthrocapitalism – that idea that the public good can be leveraged to produce an infrastructure fertile for business to grow. The fact is, American businesses need an educated workforce to survive in the long-run. Our fight will help ensure every generation has access to high-quality public schools, so their education is not up to chance or dependent upon their wealth.

  1. By Promoting An Educated Workforce.

    Today’s businesses have limited choice, leverage H1B Visas to bring in talent, or pay a high premium for a limited talent pool. The Franklin Foundation’s programs, partners, and initiatives aim to solve for this by creating increased community interest in public education outcomes, investing in programs that support public school educators and their schools, and by providing direct supports to public school students to ensure they are ready to innovate and contribute following their academic careers. By investing in our schools, we invest in the talent pool that comes with an educated workforce, which is vital to all American businesses, big and small.
  2. By Ensuring Access to Innovation.

    America’s top Universities and Technical Institutes are an untapped source of innovation. The Franklin Foundation’s National Labs Network (NalaNET) is positioned to leverage this source of innovation, providing high-quality, real-world exposures for students while generating ground-breaking innovations and research for American-owned businesses. This symbiotic relationship is representative of the actual nature of philanthrocapitalism which we believe is the best way to ensure mutual interest in protecting our public schools.
  3. By Creating Deeper Community Engagement & Outcomes

    We help American businesses engage with communities in a manner easier than operating independent philanthropic entities within the corporate structure. Our approach provides funding to community-based non-profit organizations (partners) and results in an effort that has a strong purpose and focused outcomes. The Franklin Foundation helps businesses have a greater impact on more powerful and more widespread results and a lesser level of effort than in-house solutions.

How you can help

Businesses are in a critical position to aid the Foundation in achieving its mission of protecting American Innovation and our public education infrastructure. There are many ways to help, and we hope you’ll choose more than one.


Create a Workplace Campaign

Workplace Campaigns are a great way to include employees in inspiring change.

Create a Workplace Campaign

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can create a workplace campaign to encourage employees to give and support local education initiatives.


Become A Sponsor

Your organization can directly sponsor a program, named scholarship fund, or a state action fund.

Become A Sponsor

Sponsor a program, a named scholarship fund, a grant fund, or our general fund. Sponsors provide support to the organization that creates lasting change in their communities.


Contribute Individually

You can contribute individually to the foundation as a donor or planned giving sponsor.

Contribute Individually

Join other individuals making a difference by donating their support, expertise, and energy to the Foundation and its partner organizations.