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Today's educators are: .

At the core of our effort to protect our public schools are public school educators. Today’s teachers have to wear multiple hats while fighting the privatization of their schools. We work to help teachers fight without fear, and support their efforts to educate our next great generation of innovators.

Here's one thing that we know for sure, tomorrow's challenges will be harder than today's. Therefore we absolutely have to invest in an education infrastructure that will teach children how to innovate, imagine, question, and think critically. Notice nowhere in there did I mention memorize or take a test. Because tomorrow's challenges won't be multiple choice - tomorrow's challenges will require thought leadership. Public education is critical to ensuring the majority of tomorrow's generation is composed of thought leaders.

Endre Jarraux Walls
The Franklin Foundation for Innovation

How Franklin is Supporting Educators.

The Franklin Foundation is focusing on issues that not only affect children, their parents, and their communities but also the educators fighting through these matters to help children reach their potential. Educators are the cornerstone of our public schools and need support to ensure tomorrow’s innovation generation. Our efforts are aimed at improving teacher support to improve educational outcomes, inform education policy, and change the narrative around public education as a whole.

  1. By Providing Direct Supports.

    The Franklin Foundation offers grants for continuing education for teachers. Why, because the cost of continuing education is steadily rising while teacher salaries are not. Our grant programs level the playing field, providing educators with a pathway to expanding their studies at their pace without fear of a heavy debt burden post-graduation.
  2. By Directly Supporting Education Policy Advocacy.

    Through a partnership with the Badass Teacher’s Association, a non-profit organization consisting of over 80,000 educators nationally, we are supporting an education advocacy initiative that is led by practitioners and subject matter experts instead of profiteers and corporate interests. State-by-state we are helping to impact policy that: (1) ends toxic testing, (2) shines a light on the effects of poverty on education, (3) changes the narratives around public school performance and necessity, and (4) drives home the need for community-based schools that are supported as a priority by state and federal government.
  3. By Creating Deeper Community Engagement & Outcomes

    We help Educators connect with the communities they serve through our upcoming Franklin Pods project, which will create a virtual center of collaboration for educators and parents in the community to develop a strong rapport and extend the sense of community to the schools. Our BrighStart Parent’s Challenge is geared toward helping parents improve their ability to support educational efforts from the classroom to the living room. This project enables a greater partnership between educators and parents and facilitates stronger lines of communication. In addition, by providing grants and funding for community-based partner programs, communities can find deeper engagement in education-centric events further enhancing the interaction between the school and the community, which changes the narrative on public school success factors.

You are a critical part…

Our collaboration with America’s Public School Educators is critical to achieving our mission in a way that will have a lasting impact. Learn more about the programs, initiatives, and pathways we’re creating to protect our public education infrastructure.


Franklin EduGrants

Grants for educators looking to further their education to meet their long-term goals.

Franklin EduGrants

Learn more about this key program to see if you're eligible and understand why we believe in helping educators meet their educational goals.


Become a Franklin Fellow

Franklin Fellows help inform education policy leveraging their real-world experiences to support narrative change for public schools.

Become a Franklin Fellow

Franklin Fellows are in-place educators who help shape our education policy based on real-world experiences in our public school infrastructures.


Support the BATS Fund

Directly support the Badass Teacher's Association (BATs) through our restricted support fund.

Support the BATS Fund

We've partnered with the nation's strongest association of public school teachers because of their focus on protecting our public school infrastructure. Support their efforts today.