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The Franklin Foundation for Innovation thanks you for your interest in supporting our organization and its mission. You can contribute to our organization through several methods; through financial support, as a professional or community volunteer, as a member of a State Advocacy Council, or as a Franklin Associate if you are a graduate student or educator. No matter how you do it, by supporting our organization, you are supporting public education in your community.

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    Become a Sponsor

    Your tax-deductible donation will help us work on issues critical to our collective future.


    Learn more about sponsorship levels and giving options.

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    Become a Volunteer

    Help kids in the community you live in. Volunteer through the Foundation with our partner organizations or as a mentor.


    Learn more about volunteering.

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    Join a State Council

    Join like-minded individuals in your state in working groups that are focused on improving and protecting public schools where you live and pay taxes.


    Learn more about State Advocacy Councils.

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    Give a Major Gift

    A major gift ensures a lasting legacy for you and your family that can help others less fortunate receive access to an advanced education.


    Learn more about Major Giving.

Are you a representative of a family foundation, corporate entity, or trust? Your organization can support The Franklin Foundation’s efforts through our major gifts program with various sponsorship levels and sustaining donor packages available.