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All kids need & deserve access to a high-quality, low-stress, and innovation-friendly education.


These aren’t just words on our website. They represent the reason why this Foundation was started and the reason why you should donate to our cause. Education is the only solution to improving the lives of others and giving them the tools to improve the lives of their future children. Our aim is to ensure the support of our public schools, the parents and communities that surround them, the teachers that make them effective, and the students that rely on them for a fair chance at the American dream.

Your support changes outcomes. Outcomes that you become a part of.


We leverage support from individuals and organizations to provide scholarships to students and educators, promote innovation in the private sector, and spark opportunity for our colleges and universities. At the heart of this is our management of outcomes. As a supporter of the organization, you’ll receive regular communications related to metrics around how your support is helping support our public schools, offer access to opportunity, spark innovation, or promote education in our communities.

How Donations are Used
About our General Fund
Targeted Support
Support Levels
We pride ourselves on the management of an efficient philanthropic organization. A minimum 90% of all individual donations received are applied directly to Foundation programs or specified community partners (in the case of a restricted donation).

Foundation Program Allocation

As an individual donor your gift to the Foundation’s General Fund helps provide training to parents of public school children who could use help extending learning from the classroom to the living room, aids public school children in experiencing STEM careers firsthand through the aid of a mentor, provide no-cost education grants to aspiring and current public school teachers, and creates opportunities for young girls to gain in-depth knowledge about STEM fields they are not normally exposed to.

Restricted Allocation

Individual donors who give to specific community partner programs help to ensure continuous and consistent funding for high-performing community-based programs operating in their neighborhoods in a variety of targeted and public education-centric roles.

Tax Deductibility

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization based in Pennsylvania. We are listed as a public charitable foundation. All donations are 100% tax-deductible under most circumstances. We advise all donors to seek the advice of a tax professional regarding charitable gifts.

The Franklin General Fund

Our general fund is allocated to four (4) of the Foundation’s programs. Allocation to each program is performed quarterly with each program receiving 25% of monies donated from individual sponsors. Corporate sponsors and major gift providers also contribute to the general fund but usually specify programs and allocations individually.

Programs Funded

  1. The BrightStart Parent’s Challenge
  2. The WiSci & WiTech Initiatives
  3. The Franklin Experience Program
  4. The Franklin EduGrants Program
For more information on these programs, please visit their respective pages found on the main menu. 

Community Partners

Individual donors may give specifically to a community partner organization that provides direct support in their community. Donors who choose to give to a community partner are providing “restricted” funds which will only be used for the program to which they’re designated. Restricted funds are as tax-deductible as those allocated to our general fund.

The Chairman’s Club

Donations over $5,000 USD Annually

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation’s chairman’s club is for dedicated benefactors who provide substantial support to the Foundation’s advanced programs including NalaNET, scholarships, partner grants, advocacy, and our WiSci and WiTech programs. Supporters receive access to special events and partner program events in their local areas when available, as well as an invitation to an exclusive annual dinner with our chairman and founder as well as the Board of Directors.

Supporter’s Circle

Donations between $1,500 – $5,000 USD Annually

Supporters of The Franklin Foundation for Innovation provide significant support to the Foundation’s vital programs including the BrightStart Parent’s Challenge, scholarship programs, teacher continuing education grants, and the general operation and administration of the organization. Supporters receive access to special events and partner program events in their local areas when available.

Friend’s Circle

Gifts between $400 and $1,499 USD Annually

Friends of The Franklin Foundation for Innovation are critical supporters of the organization’s operations and programs. Every dollar counts and Friends of the Foundation help us achieve our mission via support that helps to fund marketing, communications, and program management activities.
All gifts are counted annually, meaning that someone who gives a recurring gift a $100 per month would become a member of the Friend’s Circle.
Make a Secure Donation Now:

Fundly powers our donation system and ensures the security of your data using the same financial-grade security technologies used for everyday banking transactions. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Donors who give or pledge to a support level will receive a special gift from us, including inclusion in our sponsor register.


All donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!