What We DoDevelop & Implement Programs and Solutions that ensure access.

To create an environment where all children have equal access to high-quality public schools, we develop programs that fill gaps, work with community partners to strengthen the efficacy of their services, and school districts to aid in their growth and innovation.

Foundation Programs

We develop and manage innovative programs that fill necessary gaps to create opportunities to improve access for children to a high-quality public school education.

  • BrightStart

    An innovative program that leverages everyday technologies to help parents stay ahead of the curve and extend learning from the classroom to their living rooms. Learn More

  • The Franklin Experience

    Cohorts of students rotate in an immersive program format that gives them access to the top innovators in STEAM disciplines. This program improves access through immersion. Learn More

  • Community Voices

    Our committment to creating dialogue around our public schools and the issues that students, parents, and educators face every day. Read perspectives and insights from everyday people. Learn More

Focused Philanthropy

The Franklin Foundation helps to fund programs and projects that create lasting impact on communities in the areas we serve. Programs that spawn innovation, provide access to children, and empower learning spaces that help children succeed.

  • nBrain

    This project combines philanthropic technology giving with immersive experiences to improve outcomes in underserved public school districts. Learn More

  • Franklin EduGrants

    Enabling environments where children want to learn is essential to providing access to new experiences. Our grants give public schools the tools they need to create immersive experiences. Learn More

  • Community Partnerships

    We partner with key community-based organizations to provide focus and support as part of our mission to ensure access to quality schools in underserved communities. Learn More

Ready to Partner with Us?

We partner with corporations, individuals, community non-profit organizations, and school districts who are as focused as we are to ensuring access to quality public schools for America's children.