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About Community Voices

As part of our continued focus on creating access for children to a high-quality public school education, we've created a space for educators, parents, and students to have a dialogue about the state of education where they live, and the innovative solutions they've developed to help improve access and remove barriers to success for America's children.

  • All expressed opinions are that of the author and not necessarily the views of the Foundation, it’s staff, advisors, or directors.
  • Contributors are not compensated in anyway and are free to express their views.
  • Contributors are held to rules of conduct and decorum in providing their dialogue here.

Interested in Contributing?

If you are interested in contributing to our Community Voices section, contact us and we’ll discuss the process with you. Our Community Voices content will eventually expand into our next generation edu|Focus blog which was started in 2015 and discontinued in 2018. All are welcomed to share content that conforms to our community standards.