Focused PhilanthropyInnovating Philanthropy to Create Opportunities for Access.


Unique blended exeriences that encourage children to participate in STEAM disciplines in underserved school districts with a focus on innovative delivery.

Franklin eduGrants

Grants provided to underserved public school districts for specific projects and public school educators to support continuing education goals.

Community Partnerships

Partnerships are a vehicle for achieving any mission. Our community partners manage key projects and programs in the communities they serve with our help.

Initiative OverviewnBrain

This program’s mission is to complement and extend high school academic and career technical curricular programs by exposing students to state-of-art multidisciplinary topics tangential to content learned during students’ daily classroom and maker-space instruction. Introductions to leading STEAM professionals serving as guest presenters further help students build professional networks for improved access to higher education and career opportunities.

Initiative OverviewFranklin eduGrants

This program’s mission is to expand access to high-quality schools by affecting two areas that have a direct impact on outcomes: educator access to continuous learning and the overall learning environment.

Initiative OverviewCommunity Partnerships

The Franklin Foundation leverages community partnerships to expand the access programs of locally-sourced community-based non-profit organizations aligned to our goals and mission. We do this to prevent reinvention of the wheel and maximize the efficacy of donor spend.

UnderstandHow We Leverage Focused Philanthropy

Integrate: We integrate with community-based non-profits who know their communities and have aligned programs that have shown efficacy but require support and focus. Our integration model is cooperative not acquisition-based.

Support: We support those who are aligned with our goals. Our support includes management of metrics, and funding support. Corporate sponsors provide support through the Foundation’s philanthropic vehicle.

Innovate: Innovation becomes the intersection between just-in-time integration and sustainable support. We create philanthropic lifecycles to support community programs that would not otherwise see corporate support.


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Corporate & Individual Sponsors

Branded grants. Sponsorship opportunities. Corporate Social Responsibility Program Support. We help corporations interested in public education make impactful investments with measurable social returns.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Create impactful employee campaigns that can include volunteerism, tax-deductible payroll deductions, or workplace giving campaigns.